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Optin Insurance FAQs

1.What is Fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is where a number of vehicles are covered under one policy. It is generally beneficial to businesses with 3 vehicles or more. Fleet policies help to reduce administration, anxiety (especially if you are currently dealing with multiple renewal dates), and most importantly are generally more cost effective.

2.How many vehicles do you cover under a fleet policy?

A fleet policy will be suitable for a business using between 3 and 500 vehicles, for the haulage industry we have various different fleet policies that we tailor for your specific needs.

3. What is a truck insurance policy?

Truck insurance is designed to protect your commercial vehicle and meet third party liability. It is a legal requirement to have vehicle insurance however, obtaining the correct amount of cover is also important. Optin will cover any truck up to 60Tonnes.

4. Why do I need Hire and Reward under my motor insurance policy?

You will need hire and reward cover under your fleet/ commercial vehicle policy if you deliver other peoples goods as part of your business activities.

5. Will you cover my vehicle whilst im abroad?

Yes, if this is part of your business activities. We can provide cover for one-off or annual trips.

6. Do you provide breakdown cover?

Yes. A courtesy vehicle up to 44Tonne can be delivered to your door.

7. Does my cover allow me to drive other vehicles on my policy?

No, you will only be covered to drive the vehicles stated in the policy certificate.

8. Can I protect my no claims bonus on a haulage policy?

Yes, as long as you have 4 years or more.

9. What is goods in transit insurance?

Goods in Transit insurance will cover the transportation of goods or materials from one place to another. It will provide protection if goods were to go missing or get damaged whilst en route.

10. Do I need public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is optional cover for any business. If you are in regular contact with the public or clients it will be beneficial. It provides protection against any claims brought against your business if a member of the public was to be injured or their property damaged by your business operations.

11. Do I need employers' liability insurance?

If you have any people working for you then it is a legal obligation. It protects you against any claims if an employee was to be injured or made ill at work. Any day trading without employers’ liability insurance could lead to a hefty fine and or imprisonment.

12. What are the payment options?

We offer a variety of payment options for all our clients, these depend on the specific needs of each client however most clients choose our very competitive 10 month instalment plan via Close Premium Finance.

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