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Road Traffic Accident
Not reporting an incident is a serious offence that can result in a hefty fine, disqualification or even prison.
Below is our claims procedure. We aim to deal with your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible to help you get back to operating your business. It is important to report all incidents to us even if there has been no damage to your vehicle as this could prevent a future third party claim against you.
Step 1
  • Stop and switch off your engine as soon as safe to do so
  • Put on your hazard warning lights to notify other road users
  • Send for the following if required – Ambulance – Police – Fire Brigade
  • Attend to any injured party if necessary

Step 2

  • Contain any spillage if safe to do so
  • Check for damage to your vehicle
  • Take pictures of your vehicle and the third party vehicle showing all sides of the vehicles and any damage
  • Note how many passengers are in the third parties vehicle, take names and address’s and any distinguishing features
  • If witness’s are present take down their full names, address’s and contact numbers
  • If you have CCTV in the vehicle that stores information on an SD card- remove the SD Card immediately
  • Note the details of the attending Police Officers present at the scene
  • Finally, note the time, date and location of the incident

Step 3

  • Locate the claims telephone number for your commercial vehicle/ fleet insurer on your insurance documentation- this can either be found on the certificate of insurance/ schedule or policy booklet and call them to report the accident immediately
  • If you can not find this information please contact Optin and we will provide you with this
  • The insurer can arrange for the recovery of your vehicle if required and take it to an approved repairer- You can if you wish request to use a repairer of your choice. However, your insurers will normally require a quotation before they will authorise the repair and this can take more valuable time- meaning your vehicle could be off the road for a longer period

At all times

At all times after the accident it is important to keep calm and be polite to any parties involved.

Our Commitment

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients we ask that you also notify us of any claim you have reported to your insurer, and forward us the claims reference number, claim form and any pictures or video you might have of the incident. We are then able (if you wish) to liaise with the insurer direct on your behalf, speed up any process for you or track any claim giving you regular updates. This crucial part of our service to you ensures that you will have no nasty surprises at renewal and our files are kept up to date.


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